English Topics for Conversation


1.  What’s your favourite kind of weather?

2.  What do you like doing when the weather is good?

3.  What do you like doing when the weather is bad?

4.  How does the weather affect your health?

5.  How does the weather affect your mood?

6.  Do you know the weather forecast for the next week?

7.  Why is it important to know future weather conditions?

8.  Do you like to have small talks about the weather?

9.  How much do you depend on weather reports?

10.  How do you feel about the weather in your country?

11.  What kind of climate do you prefer when choosing a place for a holiday?

12.  Have you ever thought about moving to a country with a different climate?

13.  What’s the hottest temperature you've ever experienced?

14.  What’s the coldest temperature you've ever experienced?

15.  Have you ever experienced extreme weather conditions?

16.  How can extreme weather conditions affect the economy of a country?

17.  Are we losing our four distinct seasons in recent years?

18.  If you could abolish one form of the weather, what would it be?