Speaking Topics for Students


1.  How often do you go shopping?

2.  Is shopping routine or pleasure for you?

3.  What do you like about shopping?

4.  What don’t you like about shopping?

5.  Do you prefer large storechains or small shops?

6.  Do you ever go to markets?

7.  Have you ever bought anything from a door-to-door salesman?

8.  Have you ever ordered anything by mail?

9.  Do you do any shopping online?

10.  What’s more important to you: price, quality, brand or something else?

11.  Do you usually plan your purchases?

12.  Do you like to ‘shop around’ comparing prices?

13.  Are you a bargain-hunter?

14.  Do you usually bargain with the seller, if it’s possible?

15.  Do you sometimes buy things you don’t really need?

16.  Have you ever bought something on impulse and then regretted?

17.  How have shops changed over the last 50 years?

18.  How will shops change over the next 50 years?