Conversation Questions for Upper-Intermediate Students


1.  Did you enjoy going to school?

2.  Were you a good or bad pupil?

3.  What were your favourite subjects?

4.  What were your favourite teachers?

5.  What did you use to do at break time?

6.  Was there any bullying at your school?

7.  Did you ever get in trouble at school?

8.  What was the most useful thing you learnt at school?

9.  How have schools changed since your childhood?

10.  How old should children be when they start and finish school?

11.  Should school children wear uniform?

12.  Should religion be taught at school?

13.  Should sex be taught at school?

14.  What should children be taught at school to be prepared for ‘real world’?

15.  What do you think about private education?

16.  What do you think about educating boys and girls at separate schools?

17.  What should be done to improve the quality of education at schools?

18.  What will schools be like in 20 years?