ESL Conversation Topics for Intermediate Students


1.  How many hours a week do you use the Internet?

2.  Do you prefer watching TV or surfing the Internet in your free       time?

3.  Do you use the Internet mostly for work or for pleasure?

4.  What websites do you visit the most often?

5.  What annoys you about the Internet?

6.  Are you worried to give your personal information to websites?

7.  Do you think you spend too much time on the Internet?

8.  Do you know anybody who is, in your opinion, an Internet addict?

9.  Is the Internet making people lazier or more stupid?

10.  Do we rely too much on the Internet?

11.  When did you first get on the Internet?

12.  Does the Internet bring more use or harm to children?

13.  Should the Internet be regulated to protect children?

14.  Can the Internet help to solve some global problems?

15.  How might the Internet develop in the future?

16.  Will the Internet replace all other media one day?

17.  Is the Internet the most important invention of your lifetime?

18.  Can you imagine your life without the Internet?