English Topics for Pre-Intermediate Students


1.  Who or what makes you laugh?

2.  When did you last laugh a lot?

3.  Do you usually read jokes in newspapers or on the Internet?

4.  Do you prefer telling or listening to jokes?

5.  Can you tell your favourite joke?

6.  Have you ever read a book which made you laugh out loud?

7.  Have you ever laughed at an inappropriate time?

8.  Do you enjoy watching humourous videos on the Internet?

9.  Do you enjoy watching humourous TV programmes?

10.  Who’s your favourite stand-up comic?

11.  Do you ever go to stand-up comedy shows?

12.  Have you ever seen a comedy film or show that you didn’t find funny?

13.  What are jokes in your country usually about?

14.  Do people all over the world laugh at the same things?

15.  What makes a joke funny?

16.  How important is it to have a good sense of humour?

17.  Why is humour good for health?

18.  What would life be like without humour?