English Topics for Upper-Intermediate Students


1.  How conscious are you about your health?

2.  What things might damage your health?

3.  Should you give up something to protect your health?

4.  What do you do to stay healthy?

5.  Do you ever read articles or watch TV programmes about health?

6.  Do you usually take medicine when you are sick?

7.  Do you usually go to a doctor when you get a cold?

8.  How often do you have a health check?

9.  What are your experiences of hospitals?

10.  Have you ever been to a hospital in another country?

11.  How could hospitals be made better places to visit and stay in?

12.  Which is better: private and public health care?

13.  What do you think about alternative medicine?

14.  Who is more responsible for your health: you or the government?

15.  Is the health care in your country getting better or worse?

16.  What are the main health care problems in your country?

17.  Are people today healthier or unhealthier than 50 years ago?

18.  What health problems can the mankind face in the future?