ESL Speaking Topics for Pre-Intermediate Students


1.  What kind of clothes do you like?

2.  What kind of clothes don’t you like?

3.  What’s your favourite piece of clothing?

4.  What do you never wear?

5.  What do you wear now that you never wore 10 years ago?

6.  What did you wear 10 years ago that you never wear now?

7.  How long does it take you to decide what to wear when you get dressed?

8.  Do you ever have any problems with clothes?

9.  Do you enjoy shopping for new clothes?

10.  Where do you know from what fashionable is?

11.  Have you ever bought something quite expensive, but never really worn?

12.  Do you ever make your own clothes?

13.  How important is it to be well-dressed?

14.  Do people feel different in different clothes?

15.  Can you judge someone by clothes?

16.  Do the clothes reflect what is inside?

17.  What’s the strangest fashion you've seen?

18.  What will we wear in 20 years?