Discussion Topics for Intermediate Students


1.  What’s your earliest memory?

2.  What was your favourite toy?

3.  What was your favourite cartoon?

4.  Were you afraid of anything?

5.  What was your favourite game?

6.  Were you good at making friends?

7.  Do you keep in touch with your childhood friends?

8.  What childhood activity do you miss now?

9.  What’s your fondest memory of childhood?

10.  Is childhood the best time of life?

11.  What are the advantages of being a child?

12.  What are the disadvantages of being a child?

13.  How was your childhood different from that of your parents?

14.  How was your childhood different from that today?

15.  Are children more violent today than they used to be?

16.  Should we correct children when their parents aren’t around?

17.  Should we answer children’s questions if they are inappropriate ones?

18.  What’s the most important thing we need to teach children?