Conversation Topics for Upper-Intermediate Students


1.  What kind of buildings do you like?

2.  What kind of buildings don’t you like?

3.  Do you prefer old architecture or modern one?

4.  Can you describe the biggest building you’ve ever seen?

5.  Can you describe the oldest building you’ve ever seen?

6.  Can you describe the most beautiful building you’ve ever seen?

7.  Can you describe the most unusual building you’ve ever seen?

8. What city impressed you most of all with its architecture?

9. Which period of history has the best architecture?

10. Why have ancient buildings stood for thousands of years while modern ones            have not?

11. Why is it necessary to protect old buildings?

12. What role does architecture play in modern society?

13. What would you like to change about buildings in your town?

14. What can your town’s authorities do to improve its architecture?

15. What’s more important: building appearance or comfort for people?

16. How much does architecture affect a person’s mind?

17. What changes of architecture took place in the past 20 years?

18. What will architecture be like in 20 years from now?