Conversation Topics for Intermediate Students


1.  What’s your favourite animal?

2.  Have you got a pet?

3.  What are the advantages of having a pet?

4.  What are the disadvantages of having a pet?

5.  Are any pets pests?

6.  What can children learn by having a pet?

7.  Should people spend a lot of money on pets instead of helping people in     need?

8.  Do you like visiting zoos?

9.  Is keeping animals in zoos cruel?

10.  What do you think about using animals in circuses?

11.  How do you feel about hunting?

12.  What do you think about blood sports?

13.  How do you feel about using animals for medical researches?

14.  Are you afraid of stray dogs?

15.  In what cases an animal should be put down?

16.  Do animals have souls?

17.  Do animals have a sense of past and future?

18.  What’s the biggest difference between people and animals?