Outdoor Games for English Lessons


Subject: Grammar

Skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading

Level: Elementary

Recommended Age: 10-12 y.o.

Number of Participants: 8-12 players

Time: 30-40 minutes

Place: Asphalt playground

Equipment: Not required

Materials: A piece of chalk

Preliminary Preparation: Not required

Immediate Preparation (5-10 minutes). First of all, draw a circle of approximately 5 m in diameter. Next, divide it through the centre into segments according to the number of players plus one. Then write an action verb in each segment. Let us consider a class of ten students. For this number of players, you must draw ‘eleven spokes in the wheel’ and write between them verbs like these: buy, do, drink, eat, give, go, make, play, sing, take and wear.

How to Play. Ask each player to take one of the segments and turn face clockwise. The child, who turns out to be behind the blank segment (let us name them Player A), must make a sentence with this verb. For example, the free segment contains 'eat' and Player A calls out, e.g.: 'My cat eats ice-cream!'. If you approve this statement, Player A steps in this segment. Then Player B makes a sentence with the verb from the segment, just vacated by Player A, and so on. The sentences must be unique, i.e. if someone has pronounced, e.g.: 'I go to school by bus!', nobody else can say, e.g.: 'I go to school by car!'. A player, who can not make an appropriate sentence in their turn, drops out of the game. The competition lasts as long as only one participant is left. This last remaining player becomes the winner of the game.