First Lesson Games


Subject: Sides


This captivating game is designed specially for helping you to memorize the names of your new students in first lessons.

Skills: Speaking

Level: Beginner

Recommended Age: 8-10 y.o.

Number of Participants: 6-12 players

Time: 10-15 minutes

Place: Playground

Equipment: A ball

Materials: Not required

Preliminary Preparation: Not required

Immediate Preparation: (5-7 minutes).

1. Ask the players to stand in a circle.

2. Take the ball and stand in the centre of the circle.  

How to Play. Before starting the competition, explain to the children that you are going to throw the ball to each of them in turns. After catching the ball, the player must call out two sentences like these: 'Stesha is on my right! Grisha is on my left!' A player, who says both sentences correctly, gets two points, only one - one point, none - respectively nothing. The activity continues as long as each player has named or failed to name their neighbours. The players, who get two points, become the winners of the game.