English Games for Adults


Subject: Modals + Complex sentences


Skills: Speaking, Listening

Level: Elementary

Recommended Age: 18+

Participants Number: 4-12 players

Time: 15-20 minutes

Place: Any

Equipment: Not required

Materials: Not required

Preliminary Preparation: Not required

Immediate Preparation: If possible, arrange the game participants so that they are sitting or standing in a circle or a semi-circle.

How to Play. Before starting the competition, explain to the students that they are going to hear the beginning of a complex sentence, and they must take it in turns to finish it, using any modal verb. A typical game might start something like this:

You: People, who travel a lot, ...

Player А: ... can see many interesting things.

Player В: ... might be very rich.

Player С: ... should speak English well.

and so on around the circle.

After everyone has exptessed their opinion, Player A begins their own sentence, e.g.:'People, who smoke, ...'. This time, is is Player B, whose turn to finish it, and so on around the circle. A student, who can not begin an appropriate sentence or finish the given one, drops out of the game. The activity continues around the circle as long as only one participant is left. This last remaining player becomes the winner of the game.