Ideas for English Lessons

Duty Letter

Subject: Spelling


Skills: Writing

Level: Beginner

Recommended Age: 10+

Number of Participants: 4-12 players

Time: 20-25 minutes

Place: Classroom


- A set of alphabet flashcards;

- A desk;

- A black- or whiteboard

Materials: A piece of chalk or a marker

Preliminary Preparation: Not required

Immediate Preparation (3-5 munites).

1. If possible, arrange the game participants so that they are sitting or standing in a semi-circle around the desk and in front of the board.

2. Spread the flashcards turned face down on the desk.

How to Play. To start the game, invite Player А to come to the desk and to pick up a flashcard. Let us consider the letter 'М'. Next, they write on the board any word, beginning with this letter, e.g.'milk'. As a result of writing a correct word, Player A gets one point. This time, it is Player B, whose turn to comes to the board and writes a word, where the given letter is the second, e.g.'smile'. Тhereby Player B gets two points. A typical game might continues something like this:

Player С writes e.g.'name' and gets three points.

Player D writes e.g.'team' and gets four points.

Player E writes e.g.'autumn' and gets five points.

Player F writes e.g.'museum' and gets six points.

Player G writes e.g.'problem' and gets seven points.

If Player Н can not find a word, where the 'duty letter' is the eighth, they take another card from the desk and the score starts anew. The game continues around the circle as long as all the cards have been used. At the end of the activity, the number of points, accumulated by each participant during the whole competition, is counted up. The player, who gets the most points in total, becomes the winner of the game.