Classroom Games

Christmas Tree

Subject: Alphabet + Spelling


This game is designed specially for the last lesson before Christmas.

Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading

Level: Beginner

Recommended Age: 10+

Number of Participants: 2-12 players, preferably even or multiple to three

Time: 20-25 minutes

Place: Classroom


- Scissors

- 26 magnets

- A black- or whiteboard


- Paper of different colours

- A piece of chalk or a marker

Preliminary Preparation (10-15 minutes). Cut 26 Christmas balls from the paper and write an  alphabet letter on each of them.

Immediate Preparation (5-10 minutes).

1. Draw a Chistmas tree on the board and pin up the 'balls' to it.

2. Divide the game participants into two or three parts of (roughly) equal size.

3. Start to spell a word, related to Christmas, e.g.: 'W-I-N ...'. The player, who is the first to call out: 'Winter!', comes to the board and takes a 'ball' for their team. After that, you begin to spell another word and so on. Follow the same procedure until there are no 'balls' on the 'Chistmas tree'.

4. Ask the teams, working together, to make words from the 'gained' letters. Allow the students a reasonable amount of time for completing this task.

5. While they are doing so, wipe the 'tree' off the board and make columns on it by the number of teams.

How to Play. When the teams have finished, bring the class to order. Afterwards, invite the teams to nominate secretaries, who come to the board, pin up their 'balls' at the top of their columns and write their words under them. While they are writing, the competitors carefully check the spelling and count up the number of correct words. The team, which writes the largest number of correct words in its column, becomes the winner of the game.