Icebreaker Games for Adults

Busy Day

Subject: Present Simple


This game is designed specially for helping new classmates to become more acquianted with each other in first lessons.

Skills: Writing, Speaking, Listening

Level: Elementary

Recommended Age: 18+

Participants Number: 4-8 players

Time: 20-25 minutes

Place: Any

Equipment: Not required

Materials: Not required

Preliminary Preparation: Not required

Immediate Preparation (10-15 minutes):

1. If possible, arrange the game participants so that they are sitting in a circle or a semi-circle.

2. Explain to the players that each of them should, on their own, write ten sentences in their notebook, which describe the beginning of their typical working day. Allow them a reasonable amount of time for completing this task. While the students are writing, circulate, monitor and assist, if necessary.  

How to Play. When everyone has finished, bring the group to order. Then invite Player A to stand in front of their new classmates and start reading out their list. After each sentence, they pause for giving a chance to the other students to guess their job. A typical game might begin something like this:

Player А: I start work at 9 a.m.

Player B: Are you a bank clerk?

Player А: No, I'm not. First of all, I check my e-mail. 

Player C: Are you a receptionist?

Player А: No, I'm not. Secondly, I make coffee for my boss.

Player D: Are you a personal assistant?

Player А: Yes, I am.

As a result of the right answer, Player D gets one point. This time, it is Player B, whose turn to read out their description, and Player C, whose right to ask the first question, and so on. The game continues around the circle as long as all the jobs have been revealed. At the end of the activity, the number of points, accumulated by the participants during the whole competition, is counted up. The player, who gets the most points in total, becomes the winner of the game.