Ideas for English Lessons


Subject: Speaking


Skills: Speaking, Listening

Level: Elementary

Recommended Age: 18+

Number of Participants: 4-12 players

Time: 10-15 minutes

Place: Classroom

Equipment: Black- or whiteboard

Materials: A piece of chalk / a marker

Preliminary Preparation: Not required

Immediate Preparation (1-2 minutes).

1. If possible, arrange the participants in a circle or a semi-circle in front of the board.

2. Write a topic for discussion on the board, e.g.:


Living in a big city


3. Tell each player to object to the previous speaker.

How to Play. A typical game might start someting like this:
You: Living in a big city gives more job opportunities!

Player A: Yes, but big cities are too polluted!

Player B: Yes, but they offer a lot of amusements!

and so on around the circle. 

A player, who can not make an appropriate sentence, drops out of the game. The activity continues around the circle as long as only one student is left. This remaining player becomes the winner of the game.

Other possible topics of discussion:

- Having a pet;

- Travelling by train;

- Working with a friend.