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Letter To Santa

Subject: Writing


This game can be great fun in the last lesson before Christmas. But, in order not to cause offence, it is better to hold in a mature class, where the players know each other very well.

Skills: Writing, Speaking, Listening.

Level: A2

Recommended Age: 16+

Participants Number: 4-12 players.

Time: 15-25 minutes.                                                           

Place: Classroom.

Equipment: Not required.

Materials: Not required.

Preliminary Preparation:  Not required.

Immediate Preparation (2-3 minutes). Ask each player to write in their notebook a letter to Santa Claus on behalf of the person on their right, i.e. Player A writes for Player B, Player B for Player C and so on.

How to Play. When everyone is ready, the players hand the letters to 'their authors'. Next Player A reads out the letter to Santa, written for him by the last player. After finishing, he/she estimates this letter. Now it is Player B's turn to read out his/her false letter and so on. The winner is the player to get the most points.

Advice. If wishing, you can invite the players to vote for the best letter and then award a bonus point to it.