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Duty Letter

Subject: Spelling


Skills: Writing.

Level: A1

Recommended Age: 10+

Number of Participants: 4-12 players.

Time: 20-25 minutes.

Place: Classroom.

Equipment: A set of Alphabet flashcards; Board.

Materials: A piece of chalk / a marker.

Preliminary Preparation: Not required.

Immediate Preparation (1-2 munites). Put the flashcards, turned face down, on your desk.

How to Play. First Player А comes to your desk and takes a card. Let us consider the letter М. Next he/she writes on the board any word, beginning with this letter, e.g.'milk'. As a result, Player A gets 1 point. Then Player B comes to the board and writes a word, where the given letter is the second, e.g.'smile'. Тhereby Player B gets 2 points.

Player С writes, e.g.'name' and gets 3 points.

Player D writes, e.g.'team' and gets 4 points.

Player E writes, e.g.'autumn' and gets 5 points.

Player F writes, e.g.'museum' and gets 6 points.

Player G writes, e.g.'problem' and gets 7 points.

If Player Н can not find a word, where the 'duty letter' is the eighth, he/she takes another card and the score starts anew. The game lasts as long as all the cards have been used. At the end, the gained points are counted up. The winner is the player to get the most points in total.