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Ideas for English Lessons



Subject: Alphabet + Ordinal numbers


This game is designed to help new classmates to get to know each other's names, while playing, in the first lesson.

Skills: Speaking, Listening.

Level: A1

Recommended Age: 8-10 y.o.

Number of Participants: 6-10 players.

Time: 15-20 minutes.

Place: Classroom.

Equipment: Board.

Materials: A piece of chalk / a marker.

Preliminary Preparation: Not required.

Immediate Preparation: (5-7 minutes). Ask the players to take it in turns giving and spelling out their names. As they do this, you write their names on the board.   

How to Play. First give the players a command to line up according to the alphabetical order of the first letters of their names. After that, they count off like this:'I'm the first pilot!', 'I'm the second pilot!' and so on. As the players do this, you put 1, 2, etc. next to their names on the board. If there are namesakes in the class, the second one says, e.g.: 'I'm the third pilot, too!' and you write the same figure next to their name. Then ask the players to line up according to the length of their names. After that, they renumber and you add the new figures to the old ones. In the third round, you ask the players about the months of their birth. They should remember each other's data and line up according to the numbers of the months. In the forth round, the players line up according to the days of their birth (not birthdays!). Finally, you ask the players about the years of their birth and they line up by seniority. Each time you add only the numbers, said by the players themselves! At the end of the game, the numbers on the board are counted up. The 'capitain of the crew' is the player to get the most points in total.