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Ideas for English Lessons



Subject: Storytelling


Skills: Writing, Speaking, Listening.

Level: B1

Recommended Age: 16+

Number of Participants: 10-12 players.

Time: 20-25 minutes.

Place: Classroom.

Equipment: Board.

Materials: A piece of chalk / a marker.

Preliminary Preparation: Not required.

Immediate Preparation (5-10 minutes). Ask each player to find in their coursebook the first word, beginning with the letter in alphabetical order, i.e. Player A searches for the word, beginning with the letter A, Player B with B and so on. As they do so, you write the found words on the board. When every word is on the board, you ask each player to write an article in his/her notebook, using all of them.

How to Play. When everyone is ready, the players take turns to read out their articles. The winner is the player, whose article is considered to be the best. If necessary, you can invite the players to vote.